We’ll cut to the chase.
If you find yourself thinking THIS...

“I really, REALLY need a chat API and SDK that’s easy to integrate, has simple documentation, and is so powerful and flexible that I can make a brand new chat product way faster than the other guys.”

Most chat APIs are complex, take months to develop, and are absolute horror stories to work with. Ours?

Let’s just say: you won’t believe how quickly you’ll get to imagine, build, and release your chat product out into the market--and how it will delight users better than free ice cream on a piping hot summer day.
(Think Usain Bolt-level fast. Seriously)

Here’s how we do it


Built for developers, not machines

We made development easy to understand, so humans can build with them in record-time. The customizable UI kit and fully-powered chat APIs and SDKs make development happen in a snap.


Full-featured chat platform for any industry

Make it all about what YOU want. We’re so flexible (and full-featured) you’ll be able to code, construct, and build a chat product you’re proud to release in HOURS, not months.


Simple, smooth integrations

Sure, some chat platforms focus only how the docs read and act for developers, but you deserve more than that. Applozic fixes that, and integrates smoothly into any platform of your choice.


Clear, easy-to-follow documentation

Never stress over too-long, too-complex docs ever again. We created our documents to suit your language, encouraging developers to craft on their terms while saving hours of research time..


Community support you’ll love

We’re dedicated to making team and customer support a breeze for developers. Contact support, get involved in conversations with experts, and feel confident tackling docs you’ll find easy to understand.

Sendbird's tools are nifty, but incomplete. Applozic is super-fast, smooth, and easy for anyone to use.

We COULD talk more about how over 150,000 developers and product leaders (and counting) from over 50 countries LOVE Applozic APIs and SDKs... but we like to show rather than tell.

While you’ve been searching for Sendbird alternatives…

Thousands of companies are using Applozic APIs and SDKs
to build badass chat products they’re proud of.

With Applozic’s messaging toolkit we could enable tripartite messaging on our app which drastically reduced incoming voice calls allowing our agents to handle larger volumes of support requests.

Happy Applozic Customer
Siddhartha Srivastava,

Chief Product Officer & Zimmber

Compared to Sendbird? Well, see for yourself...

I still have issues to this day with implementation related to connecting, temporary messages, caching, error handling, etc.

Sendbird Software Review from Capterra

Applozic Chat SDKs & APIs...


Are trusted by over 10,000 developers


Have powered over 20,000 apps


Have helped over 1,500 companies grow

With us, you’re getting more than a platform that gets people talking.

No more development headaches. No more buggy APIs. No
more crunched deadlines. No more late nights and sweaty
office chairs. No more wasted dollars. No more lost time.

No, it’s not a fantasy. Just what you’ll experience after taking Applozic for a spin (and hopping off Sendbird while you do).

If you read all this, nodded, and said, “hellllll YES, give it to me now,” hit the button down below to make chat magic.

Don’t sweat. Don’t settle. Pick the #1 chat API & SDK platform that sets you up for success.